Let’s turn Oceans into green Energy Sources!

A water turbine in test trial. Photo by crowdenergy.org
Crowd Energy wants to turn our Oceans into clean renewable energy sources. And you can help!
They call it the climate change solution.

Crowd Energy is a small circle of scientists and engineers who are developing a new kind of water turbines- to turn Ocean Currents into clean, renewable, green energy.

They are building an OCEAN ENERGY TURBINE!

And it works like this:

To do this , they need Crowdfunding, and YOU CAN HELP!

Everything we do uses energy, and the energy we use is polluting the planet and changing the climate. We live in a world addicted to the convenience of fossil fuels and nuclear energy. It is time to make a change, and here is your opportunity to be part of a smarter solution.

Crowd Energy has one purpose, to put you in control of your energy. Everyone knows they need to be using clean renewable energy, but most people dont know how to make that happen. They feel they have no control of where their energy comes from. They are trapped in a cycle of pollution. Crowd Energy, with your help, is going to change that.

Crowd Energy is a renewable energy company with over 150 years combined experience in the ocean industry. After 8 years of research and development on the Ocean Energy Turbine, they need your help in raising funds to build large-scale systems for testing at the Florida Atlantic University. Read more about their vision and this new technology using the ocean.

Become a climate hero and support the crowd funding campaign of Crowd Energy.

Check out their crowd funding campaignat Indiegogo here! It runs until December 14th, 2014.

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Julia is a German journalist and author. She lived in Seattle, WA for the last 5 years close to the Pacific Ocean. Julia is a passionate sailor and sand castle builder and recently moved to Berlin.

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