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OceanAmp: The first multimedia magazine for OceanLovers

May it be swimmers, surfers, sailors, divers, kite surfers, nature freaks, beach lovers, dog walkers, photographers or Ocean Filmers. We aim to be a voice of our Oceans and amplify stories, actions and education about the big BLUE.  My aim is to inspire our readers and listeners and create curious, informed, future-oriented, socially and ecologically responsible thinking people.


With OceanRadio you will get your Ocean Fix wherever you are. May it be in the subway of Berlin, in a meeting in New Your or in your car or on a place for your next business trip.

OceanRadio gets the ocean to you and you to the ocean. Hear inspiring stories about Ocean Ambassadors, professional Sportsmen, Activists or Idealists who dedicate their life to the big BLUE we all love. And of course we will feature a lot of educational and inspiring content on how we all can live a life to leave and keep our oceans as we found them.

My dream and long term goal is to create the world’s first international web-radio station about and from our oceans of the world: OceanRadio

Who is OceanAmp

I am Anja Medau, Founder of OceanAmp. I am a German Journalist, Radio presenter and Brand communications consultant, living between Germany and South Africa. But mostly, I am an OceanLover.

The idea for OceanAmp was born some years ago on a surf trip to Portugal in high tourist season. I experienced the nicest beaches on earth but at the same time the effects of mass tourism: Trash, not enough waste bins, not enough toilets and people who many times would not have any ecological awareness. I wanted to change something.  With OceanAmp I want to tell inspiring stories about Ocean Conservation Initiatives, people and ideas to amplify their work and make it easier for EVERYONE to find this information, that is not easily found on mainstream media. With OceanRadio I am starting to make my dream come true: An Online Web radio station about and for our Oceans. Please get in touch asap if you want t help and contribute to make this happen!

…life is a wave full of ups and downs.

What matters is that you keep on surfing it!