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OceanAmp is a Blog  and wants to become a BLOG- NETWORK.
We collect, edit, link and share the best of the web about our oceans.  We aim to amplify the voice of our oceans and link all information.
Your daily dose of Ocean – quick and easy – whereever you are.
On Top: Each week we have exclusiv stories, editorials and interviews that are exclusively published only here.
We are looking for Partner Bloggers, Authors, Fooundations and Magazines, who want to share their content with more readers.
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Please send us an email:contact@oceanamp.org
Please include a brief bio, a headshot, and a writing sample (presumably your first contribution).
For photographers, please include a link to your work, and if you’d like to submit a gallery, it’s best to send twenty captioned images sized at 1200 x 695 px. While we welcome all contributions, we cannot guarantee that all submissions will be published. Submissions may be edited for style, grammar, or clarity before being published. By submitting content to OceanAmp.org, you acknowledge that you own full rights to your submission and consent to publishing it on OceanAmp.org and OceanAmp.org –  extensions and release oceanAmp.org of any liabilities concerning your submission. Any inaccuracies in published content must be redressed by the author as soon as they are discovered.