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About OceanAmp:

OceanAmp is a multimedia magazine for OCEANLOVERS: May it be swimmers, surfers, sailors, divers, kitesurfers, naturefreaks, beachlovers, dogwalkers, photographers or OceanFilmers. OceanAmp wants to INSPIRE you to learn more about our oceans, highlight the joy we all gain from them and tell solutions of how we all can personally help our oceans survive. We aim to create curious, informed , future-oriented, socially and ecologically responsible thinking people.

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About OceanAmp Founder Anja Medau:

Anja Medau works as a journalist, radio presenter und PR Consultant in Berlin. Anja has also worked as a model for several well-known German brands for over 20 years. As a travel- and ocean-loving person she first observed the disastrous effects of mass tourism on Europe’s seas and beaches during a surf trip in high season in Portugal in 2011. This it where the idea of OceanAmp was born, spurring years of research about the sea and culminating in OceanAmp’s wide offering as it exists today.

“With OceanAmp I am making a dream come true. The oceans and seas concern all of us, whether we live in the city or beside the beach. I am spending every minute I am not working on payed projects on this non profit project. I want to creat a sustainable an das well as entertaining international Ocean magazine. Therefore I am looking for Co Authors. My dream ist to create a global Online Ocean Radio“, says Anja Medau.

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