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New OceanAmp Author! Barbara!

This is just AWESOME!

Second Author arrived who will share her blogposts with Oceanamp! We are Sooooo proud!

Welcome Barbara!

Barbara is a Mallorca-based blogger, Radio – Journalist and Ocean Lover. Diving is her Passion and she is currently working on a children´s book about the ocean. She´s a small-town-girl form Germany, but moved to Spain in 2006 to be closer to the sea.

And the best: Barbara is also an old Radio Plant! So we will work on OceanRadio together so you will hear fresh and gorgeous OceanRadio Shows very very soon!

Stay tuned! :))

If you want to become an Oceanamp Author, please send a mail to contact@oceanamp.org  !

We will proudly spread your Ocean and conservation- Blogposts and News!

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