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Things are thrown away because they – get old? Sometimes broken?

Old shoes, old plastic, old sails, old bedding or curtains.

Michal Biedermann is a sailoress and producer of Oceanbags. She gives a second life to old sailing and plastic parts and turns them into OceanBags.

All that amidst the Ocean – on her sailing ship “Moana PA’ari ‘ (Polynesian:”taking care of the ocean”): Michals home and sewing room.

sportsail-rot-3 sportsail-blau bag_1

MessengerSail, SportsSail, BeautySail, or ShoppingSail: you can buy them all at OceanCare and support the protection of marinelife as a a portion goes to the ocean conservation foundation. OceanCare is committed to care for marine mammals and oceans. Since 2011 they are UN Special Adviser for marine protection.

Within a few moments the living room of Michal’s sailing ship gets turned into a Design Studio: piles of sails on the floor, cloth on the kitchen counter and the iron is ready to rumble on the dining room table. While raindrops are drumming beats on deck and the wind is blowing Michal has a perfect sewing day.

The OceanBags are her passion: As a trained beautician, she loves colours, fabrics and materials of all kinds.

Overwhelming inspirations

“If you are on the sea for a long time you get so close to nature. It’s an indescribable feeling. You are getting so much aware that we as humans are only guests on a planet “, says Michal. “When you are alone sailing, surrounded by water and protected from the sky, you see the world from a different angle. To experience fantastic places on Earth, seeing how much of it is destroyed already, is sad. It woke us up and urged us to act. We want to encourage people to think.“

Each OceanBag, Michal Biedermann produces, is unique. Plus: It is not just a bag: every bag tells a story. A story of wind and sea, sunshine and storms. The story of a real sail cloth that has served at sea.

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