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6 easy ways how YOU can protect our oceans

Every single one of us can do things. No matter where you live. In cities, directly on the beach or even far away from the coastline.  Sustainablesurf.org is a fantastic organisation of surfers and Ocean Lovers who want to protect our oceans. Here is 6 ways you can protect our oceans:

1. Personal Health: Focused on better food choices (including local, organic, non-GMO) you can make, daily exercise doing something you love, and cultivating a positive daily state of mind.
2. Waste Management: Use of the 4 R’s — Refusing, Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling— to limit the negative impacts of your larger consumer product choices (clothing, surfboards, electronics, vehicles) and to boost the positive impacts of your daily purchasing power for sustainable food & drink options.
3. Renewable Energy: Sourcing low carbon, renewable energy technology like solar, wind, wave, and bio-fuels to power your daily lifestyle.
4. Cleaner Transportation: Better options include bikes, skateboards, ride sharing, public transport and hybrid or electric vehicles.
5. Community Outreach: Getting personally involved with local and global environmental/social groups who care about what you do – and volunteer your time.
6. Climate Impact: Reduce whatever you can, but then “offset” the climate impacts you can’t completely minimize – like plane & vehicle travel and use of electrical energy, which produce lots CO2 gas emissions that are the largest drivers of rapid ocean acidification and sea level rise – with carbon credits from “certified” projects around the globe.

Read more about sustainablesurf.org’s new project DeepBlueLife here.
And if you like it, make a contribution. The guys are great! Look!


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