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Reuse your plastic bag? Make bricks out of it!

There is various ways to reuse your plastic bag, given almost EVERY time you go shopping.

But what can we do with all those bags? They are one of the reasons for rising pollution of OCeans and the rest of our world.

Especially in developing countries plastic bags are used on a daily basis.

So what we can do with all this trash?

A Danish student had a great idea: She is making bricks out of plastic bags!

Lise Fuglsang Vestergaard had this extraordinary idea when she was in India in 2013. She was there because she wanted to create a refuse collection system for an extremely poor city. While doing this she thought about other methods to reuse plastic bags. In India there are many problems with the houses when there is the monsoon saison, because most of them are washed away.

So they need another material – How about plastic bags?!

Now she developed some prototypes of these special bricks.


If you want some more information about this new project, read the whole story here :


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