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Environmentally friendly sushi?!

What is that now, you might think…. environmentally friendly Sushi… yes, come on…. what else…?

But researching a bit about what is gong on in our Oceans lately- so that means where your fish is  coming from, might be quite an eye opener…

The Monterey Bay Aquarium ist one of the great Aquariums in this world, that highly care about education about Oceans.

On their site seafoodwatch you can test the seafood you are about to eat!

See which has little or less impact on the environment. Their seafood consumer guide recommends which seafood to buy and which to avoid, helping you select fish that are fished or farmed in environment friendly ways.

Seafood Watch partners are also helping to transform the marketplace in favor of environmentally responsible fisheries and aquaculture operations.

Click here to get their recommendations and the stories behind your favorite and sustainable seafood.


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