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What? Mercedes is into fast surfing now…?!



Mercedes….? fast Surfing…? Doesn’t fit somehow…. or does it…?

OceanAmp comes from Germany – the land of fast cars, quality and longlasting materials. We are Mercedes, We are Porsche, We are Volkswagen. Totally clishee of course…

Well, but as it seems now WE ARE SURFERS too…! 🙂

Check out the latest news from Mercedes!  They are not only into sustainability and quality if it comes to cars, they care for Oceans- or at least the fun in it- too!

Under the motto: “When the best meets the best” Mercedes Benz wanted to develop the ultimate surfboard. The perfect opportunity to collaborate with someone who knows all about what is needed for these giants: Garretts Mc Namara has been riding giant waves for 20 years he comes from Hawaii and holds the world record in big wave surfing. Together with  technicians and designers he has developed a surfboard that is tailor-made for not only this type of wave but also for his individual surfing style.

And. It is made out of cork!

If you want to know more – look here.

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