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Welcome to OceanAmp!

It’s been a long time coming and I’m proud to let you know that finally our own site is here:


Environmental issues are still not on the daily agenda of media, so lets get those issues there!

Our goal is to connect the global Ocean Community – may it be Divers, Surfers, Sailors, Swimmers, Kitesurfers, Scientists, Marine Biologists, Teachers, Students and all other people who enjoy this element.

I have been working for the last months on this blog, which is going to become a blog network.

Your participation is the only way to achieve this goal of a globally informed community!

HERE is the place for News of Ocean Foundations and Environmental Issues. But also Lifestyle, OceanFun, Photos, Portraits, Stories of interesting People, Scientists, Inventions, Divers, Surfers, Sailors and all other related Ocean Stories.

Please feel invited to join and contribute to this collection of Ocean News!
I am proudly inviting you to this journey.

Thankful for your support and sharing.


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