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Why Penelope Cruz is Water – Nature is speaking on OceanRadio


 Penelope Cruz is WATER

What you hear is the new Nature Awareness Campaign of a foundation called „Conservation International
 It is a great campaign to bring awareness to the biggest proplems of our planet: The Oceans, The Rainforest, The Soil , Water, Flowers, Redwood Trees and Mother Earth in General.
The first film to air was Mother Nature voiced by Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey is the voice of The Rainforest, Penelope Cruz is Water and Julia Roberts is Mother Earth. Eight of the greatest actors came together to support this fantastic audio project everyone should share: Nature is speaking.

On the phone with OceanRadio is Greg Stone, chief scientist of Conservation International, telling us more about the Campaign! Enjoy!


If you want to support the project, share #natureisspeaking on your social media as with every hashtag the campaign is supported by a sponsor.  Plus: click and ACT here!


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